How you move, how you feel and how you live comes down to your feet.  That’s why at My FootDr we believe that healthy feet can lead to a better quality of life.

Get to know My FootDr

Founded in 2004 by Brisbane Podiatrists Greg Dower and Darren Stewart, My FootDr merged with Queensland based podiatry group, Balance Podiatry in 2016, and is today proudly Australia’s leading and largest podiatry services group, operating 90+ podiatry clinics across Australia.  Our team of highly qualified podiatrists are in the best position to improve how you live by providing world-class foot care treatment.  Our podiatry centres are equipped with innovative podiatry equipment, making them the most modern podiatry centres in Australia.  At My FootDr, we strive for excellence in the field of podiatry and custom foot orthotic manufacturing along with great customer service and patient outcomes. 

Of our 90+ clinics, we have 10 My FootDr Podiatry Centres operating in Shopping Centres that offer a full retail footwear range.

Our Purpose and Values

At My FootDr, our purpose is to bring the very best in podiatry care to everyone in Australia.  Everything we do in our podiatry clinics and business is aimed at delivering better health outcomes to our patients by providing world-class podiatry services and fitting solutions including footwear.

Our purpose is backed by our core values of:

Podiatry Services and Products

Our team of highly qualified podiatrists are in the best position to improve how our patients live by providing world-class foot care services, treatments, and footwear.  To learn more about the services provided within our podiatry clinics, visit


My FootDr is part of the Healthia Group.  Healthia Limited is an integrated group of health-based companies whose mission it is to enrich the lives of people through world-class health services.